Oh,  cheeseburgers taste so good at 2am after a wild night out.

McDonald's understands, and rather than let the walkers clog up the drive-thru lane, they're testing out a walk-thru lane that the post-bar revelers would have all to themselves.  Think it will officially happen in Lufkin?

McDonald's is worldwide of course, and the location doing the testing is in Wales, according to The Sun.  They've had so much success with the walk-thru lane so far that it's become a regular thing.

It sounds like they're using the regular drive-thru lane as a walk-thru lane for a few hours overnight, but it makes us wonder if specifically-designated lanes will pop up for walkers.

It's a good thing that these people are not drunk drive-thru-ing. But did they park the car somewhere in order to walk up for the Quarter Pounder?  Are they going to walk home?  We have questions. But we do know this.  McDonald's will probably sell more burgers since the walkers may be a little low on willpower after all the booze.  I hope they take pictures.  It's a viral social media moment waiting to happen.

If this walk-thru lane comes to Lufkin, we'll let you know.  We love food news.

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