When I think of a fleet of Naval ships, I'm often reminded of my Uncle Sylvester.  He and my daddy used to battle over the superiority of the uniform, Marine Corp vs. Navy.

No winners and losers here mind you, just honest-to-goodness family jousting that usually climaxed over a game of "Battleship".

Uncle Sylvester was always proud of the toughness bestowed upon the name of a Navy vessel, such as the USS Houston, USS Dallas, USS San Antonio, and USS Corpus Christi, amongst others.

He couldn't be a happier seaman these days, as the Navy has just commissioned their newest warship the USS Fort Worth!  A lightweight ship made for speed and agility, the USS Fort Worth was designed for use in shallow coastal waters.

With the christening event now history, the USS Fort Worth is on its way to to its home base in San Diego, California.

Can't help but feeling there is another game of "Battleship" close by.