Guitar player Bjorn Gelotte and bassist Peter Iwers of the Swedish rock band, In Flames, have started a Rush-themed restaurant in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The two members of the band are partners in the restaurant called 2112, which opened last month.

Inspired by the classic Rush album of the same title, the emphasis is on quality and service.

They have also come up with some pretty clever ways of naming some of the items on the menu  I do wonder if they only play music from Rush in the restaurant and I also wonder what Neil, Geddy and Alex think of the new place.

We’ve checked out the menu and these are our Top 10 items:

1. Caress Of Steak

2. Geddy Leaf Salad

3. Fry By Night (all-day breakfast)

4. In The Food (Sunday buffet)

5. Spirit Of The Radish (vegetarian menu)

6. A Farewell To King Prawns (seafood)

7. Lakeside Pork

8. A Passage To Bangers And Mash

9. Working Naan (Indian cuisine)

10. Jacob’s Larder (three-course set lunch)

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