While you were sleeping last night and each news network was discussing whom will be running the country in two months, you may have missed some of the other headlines being buried on a back page byline, or as a fast 30 second filler story leading into an episode of "Hawaii 5-0".

In Michigan, soil sample tests will be taken to determine if Jimmy Hoffa's remains are buried underneath a Detroit driveway.  With lots of leads, sightings, and stories surrounding the case, Hoffa disappeared without a trace in 1975.

A Chicago bound United Air Lines flight had to return to Raleigh-Durham because get this, not because of airline maintenance issues, not because an unruly passenger(s) posed a threat to those on board, but because two flight attendants got into an altercation!

And lastly, a former Texas man who neglected paying child support has been accused of selling a town owned rifle and pocketing the cash.  Thankfully, he surrendered his job as Police Chief of Vaughn, New Mexico.  Here's the funny part though, the only law in town right now  --  a drug sniffing dog!

For the aspiring writers out there, now is your chance to pitch your script to "TV Land".  One of these classic, almost comedic stories, could clearly bring in a nice paycheck.  For true classics, keep listening to Q107 and Q1077.com!