Yes, I've mentioned wanting to see H-E-B come back into Nacogdoches. And yes, that would be nice. However, I've now seen something that I think would be even more welcome. And, it would still involve the bringing back of H-E-B, only with another - more awesome - twist.

If you travel to Hutto, just north of Austin, you'll find an H-E-B/Whataburger combo store. Let's break that down a bit. H-E-B + Whataburger = TEXAS GREATNESS. This picture gives just a small look at the store/restaurant:

I don't know about you, but that just seems to scream Texas to me. You have the convenience store aspect of H-E-B, plus the burger joint aspect of Whataburger, all rolled into one convenient location.

I'm thinking this would be a pretty welcome addition to Nac. I mean, who wouldn't? What are your thoughts on this? Would you mind seeing one of these set up shop in Nacogdoches? Shoot, we don't even have to be stingy. We can get multiple locations, and that way Lufkin can have one too!

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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