This video has been viewed more than 60,000 times on Youtube, probably by people who are getting upset and trying to defend their city.

The video picks out ten cities in Texas to be the worst, and an East Texas town is holding down the number one spot.

Oh boy.  These might be fightin' words.

According to the video, these are the Top Ten Worst Cities in Texas, and the reasons why.

1.  Jacksonville -  It's a "Boring place with a really bad economy." School spending is low, and Jacksonville has zero state football titles.  The six percent unemployment rate is among the highest rates in Texas.  And in the video says you can tell who is from Jacksonville because they will have a "40, a pistol, a beat up car, and a pitbull."

2.  Port Arthur - 1 in 5 homes is vacant, and it ranks close to last in the number of sunny days per year in Texas

3.  Donna - High crime rates, many live on the edge of poverty, and no new people are moving there.  The do have a high school football championship from back in the day.

4.  Galveston - Homes have a high vacancy rate, there is a high crime rate, and low incomes.  And it's cloudy a lot.

5.  Mercedes - It's in the Rio Grande Valley.  Lots of poverty and crime, and a poor job market with nine percent of people out of work.

6.  Vider - Schools don't have much money, crime rates are high, and it's got a history of racial tension.

7.  Tomball -(outside of Houston) Crime is above average, cost of living is up, and commute times are high.  But it has three Whataburgers.

8.  Weslaco - Crime rate is one of the highest in the state, and one in ten people are without a job.

9.  Freeport - It's on the coast so hurricanes are a threat, and it's full of chemical companies

10.  Rio Grande City - It's along the US-Mexico border.  Average income levels are low, it's hot and can get to 108 in March .

Thoughts?  I think this guy missed some great things about Jacksonville.

Love's Lookout on US 69

Tomato Fest

Lake Jacksonville

Great fishing and camping spots

Good Soul Food and BBQ

What would you add?  We'll focus on the bright side!