One North Texas city will get all of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020, and will become the largest city in America to accomplish that so far.

And one place in East Texas has provided the incentive.

Denton Municipal Electric made the decision this week to get all of its electricity from solar sources and wind farms within the next two years, which means weaning off of coal-fired power plants and other non-renewable sources.

NBC 5 in Dallas says some of the motivation for the new strategy came when the city learned that one of the "primary sources for electricity in Denton – a coal-fired power plant near College Station – is expected to go offline within the year."  It was the perfect time to make the switch to renewable sources.

Denton will become the second Texas city to go green.  Right now, Georgetown (north of Austin on I-35) is the biggest city in the US to get its power primarily from wind and solar sources.  Denton has a larger population, and when Denton becomes 100 percent reliable on green energy, it will overtake Georgetown as the wind and solar champion.

How about Texas showing all the other states who's boss?  Lots of cities around the country are using at least some renewable energy, but they don't rely on it completely like these Texas cities.  We're the pioneers once again.

There's a new 150 megawatt solar farm in West Texas that will activate this summer and provide another renewable energy to cities around the state.  Anyone want to put up a solar or wind farm in East Texas?  Now is the time to do it.

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