Bill Murray, one the immortal comedy kingpins who catapulted Saturday Night Live into the longest running television show, blew out 62 candles on September 21.

While he's not aging as well as Richard Gere, he was still in prime form when appearing on one of the late nighter's recently.  Can't rightfully remember which one, but Letterman pops into my mind right now.

From its inception in 1975, I can remember having to be home Saturday night to catch SNL.  It was cultish back then, because not being able to share the episode with your classmates on Monday, was a sin worse than missing confession.

For all of us Classic Rockers, we have our favorite SNL skits (Cheeseburger Cheeseburger, Point/Counterpoint, Two Wild and Crazy Guys) that remind us how great live television, comedic genius, and stellar talent combine to create an incredible viewing experience.

The current SNL needs an obituary, but as long as it's on the air, it serves as a reminder to break out my DVD collection of authentic brilliance.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Murray in '97 and again in '03.  One of the "nice" guys of the entertainment 'biz'.  Besides that, he made my ratings soar!

So, here's to you Bill.  Long live SNL memories, Caddyshack hijinks, Ghostbuster escapades, and Groundhog Day ego maniacs, and long live you.  Happy Birthday!