They didn't plan it that way, it just happened.  A Texarkana family welcomed a baby girl earlier this month and she has the same birthday that two of her siblings have.  What are the odds?

I always think the odds are fifty-fifty, whether it's winning the lottery, catching a record-setting fish, or having three kids with the same birthday.  Either you do or you don't. And most of us probably don't, when it comes to these things.  But Jonathan R. Hornok and his wife Mariah should probably play the lotto or go fishing to stay on a roll.  They welcomed their third child, Hellen, earlier this month, and she has the same birthday in June that two of her siblings have.

The Hornok's said that the births weren't planned, and all of the kids who share a birthday had different due dates and they went to the hospital for the births for different reasons.  When they were in labor this month with Hellen, they had to Facetime the other two kids at home to watch them open their presents, but next year they can have a big party at home.

Mom, Mariah Hornock said she likes that the kids share a birthday and that way one doesn't have to wait a day or two for their own birthday to roll around and get jealous.  And mom and dad can probably knock out the celebration with one cake instead of three.  There are advantages.

They're not revealing the exact date for privacy reasons, but it's safe to say it's a house full of Geminis. Congrats Hornoks!  Everything is bigger in Texas -- even birthdays.

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