In case you didn't know, Whataburger is a big deal in Texas. We Texans see the orange and white stripes, and we know exactly what it means. It means Texas greatness - even if headquarters have been relocated to Chicago...we know the origins.

Well, Whataburger is celebrating their 70th birthday this year. It all began in 1950, and here it is 70 years later, in 2020. How are they celebrating? They're going to be...or technically, ALREADY ARE doing a buy-one-get-one-free deal of their original #1 - The Whataburger.

According to the Whataburger website, if you order online - at - or order on the Whataburger app, you can receive a coupon that will allow you to take advantage of the BOGO event. This is all going on now, through August 9th, so you still have a few days get the deal.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind, though, that you can find on the Whataburger website, as well. Your order has to include a #1 Whataburger (obviously). The coupon that you receive is only good once for one customer. Also, it's only available at participating locations. I haven't personally checked with our local Whataburgers, so I'm not sure if they're participating.

What better way to celebrate Whataburger's birthday, than buy getting an original Whataburger, for free? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me...or, I guess it's a What-A-Deal, right?

The Texas restaurant of greatness is now 70 years old, and still going strong!

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