Becoming a Classic Rock Q107 V.I.P. is no easy task.  Entering your name and e-mail address takes about 60 seconds, and when you consider that you first need to log into our website at, adding another minute to the equation can wreck your entire day.

Try telling that story to Jana Brown of Nacogdoches, who just ripped us off for a $100 gas card from Brookshire Brothers Conoco, no doubt easing Jana's budget this month.

Now, it's your turn to win!  Let's see, you are an avid Q107 listener, possibly on the stream, and quite likely through our mobile "Radio Pup" app.  You are visiting our website at at least once daily.  You are an intense music aficionado that does not keep up with the Kardashians, but rather the "Mac's" (Fleetwood, not McDonald's).  And, you hear the instant word that Lufkin Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper bring you at approximately 11:20 AM and 4:20 PM each day.

But, there is still one thing missing.  You are not yet a Q107 V.I.P.  Why not?

Go ahead - live a little - sign up now and realize that you could be the next Jana Brown, and thanks for being a loyal listener.