REO Speedwagon's big breakthrough came with their 1981 album Hi Infidelity, and now the band is re-issuing Hi Infidelity in a special 30th anniversary edition due to hit stores July 19th.

Hi Infidelity, which was certainly a big hit.  It was #1 for 15 weeks straight, and included hits like "Keep on Loving You," "Take It on the Run" and "Don't Let Him Go."  It aslo went on to sell 10 million copies.  Lead singer Kevin Cronin writes, "Hi Infidelity was a major life changer for all of us.  On our eleventh album, we went from being the perennial Midwestern underdog, to at last hitting the global big time...but the truth is, it all still boiled down to the music, the songs, some inspired performances, and a great deal of good fortune."

REO Speedwagon kicks off a summer tour on June 4th in Los Angeles.

Check out the tour dates on their website.