With no winner Saturday night, the Powerball jackpot has rolled over again and they're estimating it will be around $310 million for tonight's drawing.  Are the odds of winning better in Texas?  See why that may be true, especially with the smaller cash prizes.

It's not the big multi-million dollar jackpot, but if a million bucks came knocking on our doors we probably wouldn't turn it away.  We could buy Cowboys tickets and Schlitterbahn weekends with that.  You can win $1 million if you match 5 of 5 numbers. The $50,000 Powerball prize for matching 4 of 5 numbers with the Powerball would be okay too.

No Texans scored those prizes on Saturday, but there were thousands of Texans who pocketed smaller amounts, according to the Texas Lottery.  More than two hundred people scored $200 for either matching 4 of 5 numbers, or for having 3 of 5 numbers and the Powerball with the Power Play.  And then there were thousands that won $7 or $14, which probably went right back into tonight's drawing, right?  Or into Girl Scout cookies.

All together there were 65,250 Powerball players in Texas who won something on Saturday night.  And now, with the Jackpot tonight over $300 million, there will probably be more players and a whole lot more winners.  Even if it's $14, you can still say you won at Powerball, right?  Just not the Powerball.

Maybe we have a lot of winners because we're a huge state and we have a lot of players. I choose to believe Texas produces winners because we are awesome.  And positive thinking will bring more wins, right?  Yep.  Good luck.

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