Now is the time to pool the money at the office if you're going for the huge Powerball jackpot tonight.  It's a quarter of a billion dollars, which might mean you don't have to go into debt buying chocolate and jewelry for Valentine's Day.

Since there was no winner Saturday, the Powerball website estimates the jackpot in tonight's will be at $255 million.  The cash value option will be $154.4 million.

After you buy a ticket, do you throw it on a stack of papers in your home office and forget about it?  Keep it in the car glove box?  Attach it to the fridge with a magnet?  We always hear stories about unclaimed winnings, and we wonder if people forget to check the numbers, or lose their ticket, or what.  If you'd like to avoid the tragedy, the Texas Lottery offers the chance to check your numbers from past drawings HERE.

When the jackpot climbs, we start hoping that a big office pool wins the money, so good luck to your office.  Who buys the tickets anyway?  Giving that wad of cash to the designated office ticket-buyer and watching him walk out the door can be an adventure in trust, so the process works as a team-building experience too.  Win-win.  We hope.

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