Sega hasn’t had a hand in the video game console wars since the awful Dreamcast. Their latest contribution will have players whizzing all over it again — literally this time.

Sega has started testing a new gaming console for men only or women with very careful aim and no shame — it’s actually a urinal.

The “Toylet” is operated with a steady stream of urine on a special sensor that measures the speed and volume of the stream and translates it to a game screen.

The games are equally disturbing. Players use their “joysticks” to play games such as a mucous based street fighting title, a “Graffiti Eraser” game (figure it out) and a pressure sensitive contest where the wind blows a cute female reporter’s skirt up higher based on how fast and hard you, um, fire.

Right now, the consoles are only being tested in Japan for release. That’s a ‘commercial release,’ sickos.

[Via Buzzfeed]