As an SFA alumnus, I keep an eye on the athletics there. Also, considering that we broadcast the sports over the airwaves, I pay even more attention to what's going on there.

On Wednesday, May 27th, the SFA Athletics Department posted a fairly vague video on their Facebook page, with all of the current sports logos being slashed. In the comment section, they gave a definition of "refresh", followed by "...coming June 1".

Alright, that was pretty intriguing, but I still didn't think too much of it. Then, at the end of last week, they really got my attention. On Friday evening - May 29th - the SFA Athletics Facebook page's profile picture and cover photo was changed to nothing but purple. There was no text, no picture, just purple. Now, they had me hooked. I remembered the vague video, and was keeping an eye on the Facebook page for whatever was next.

Then, this morning - June 1st, as promised - they released this video on the SFA Athletics Facebook page, voiced by the "Voice of the Lumberjacks", Rob Meyers:

Now, I'm pretty pumped. Not only is it something new, but it comes with a positive message, especially right after all the negative that came about with the sanctions that the NCAA handed down to SFA. It really is a chance for a "refresh" as they put it.

If you're curious about the logos, they did a follow-up post about the new logos, and a bit about why they did the logos the way they did. Check it out:

We look forward to seeing these new logos, not only on the field on gameday, but also on all-new SFA merch around Nacogdoches!

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