I am usually a pretty observant person. I'm also - usually - pretty aware of things that are changing in our area. However, I saw something this weekend that I didn't even realize was going to be a reality in Nacogdoches.

So, a few months ago, the Donut Palace that was located at 5015 North Street moved to a brand new building that was located directly behind the original location. That left the original location - that was part of Rudy's #2 gas station - vacant. Until this weekend, I had no idea what was going to be moving in there.

Then, when I drove by, I got my answer. I even went back to get pictures for proof! This is what I saw:

TSM Lufkin - Mark Cunningham

Yes! Tomé Catering - located in Lufkin - is now opening Tomé Express in Nacogdoches! Again, this took me by surprise. I didn't even know that this was in the works until I saw it for myself. Then, after seeing it, I went to the Tomé Catering Facebook page and came across this post from Halloween:

Tomé Express is headed your way Nac! Be on the lookout for our new location to be up and running by November 10, 2020!

Posted by Tomé Catering on Saturday, October 31, 2020

So, it really is a thing, and it really is happening. And, it's happening quick. According to that Facebook post, the new location is supposed to be in operation by November 10th. And, just in case you couldn't see the hours of operation in the first picture, I got a close-up shot:

TSM Lufkin - Mark Cunningham
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