It's always a good sight - especially this year - to see new businesses making their way into our area. In this time of COVID-19, lots of people are making the decision to not pursue business ventures. That's why, when I was driving in downtown Lufkin earlier, this sign caught my eye:

TSM Lufkin - Mark Cunningham

That picture was taken at the intersection of Raguet Street and Frank Avenue, about one block from Mantooth Park. As you can see, it's a "Coming Soon" sign. Now, take a closer look:

TSM Lufkin - Mark Cunningham

Yes, this is the future home of a new Exxon gas station. The sign doesn't say if it's going to be affiliated with one of the chains that we have around here - Big's, Lucky's, On The Road, etc. All we know is that it will be an Exxon station.

You might be sitting there saying, "This is small news." And, if you are, that's your right. However, think about what I said earlier. This is a pretty big deal for someone to decide on starting a business right in the middle of 2020 and everything else that's going on.

I'm actually looking forward to this place. There isn't really another gas station near it, so it should have a pretty good chance at success. Also, I don't know when the proposed construction start-date is, so I'll be keeping an eye on that as well.

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