The Dallas Zoo held a fundraiser last weekend and raised a lot of money for conservation and other efforts.

One bidder paid $50,000 for the rights to pick the name for a new baby giraffe born at the Zoo on October 26th.

That's the same dollar amount as some new SUVs!  So what will that expensive name be?

The bidder hasn't picked a name for the male calf yet, but the zoo will be announcing soon what that person settles on.  He or she wants to stay anonymous for now, perhaps to pick the name in peace, without input from co-workers and random funny friends.

Oh by the way, a baby giraffe is not small at all.  The baby boy weighed 120 pounds at birth and was already about six feet tall.  Whaddya think...Shorty?  Lebron?  Dirk?  I bet you and your co-workers could come up with some good name suggestions.

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