If you're suspicious that someone might have died in your house in the past, or that it might even have been a spot for a meth lab, there's a new website that will tell you for sure.  For a fee.

I'm only half kidding when I say I think it's much more comfortable sometimes to live in denial than to fully own the truth, so I'm not sure I want to know if anyone every kicked the bucket in my house.  Do you?  I think I'm the third owner of my house, and I do know the previous owners were a total mess and broke a lot of fixtures and left cantelope-sized holes in a few spots in the walls.  I suppose you could say "head-sized" holes.  But that doesn't necessarily mean anyone died in my house, right?  Oh gosh, I'm going to worry now.

DiedinHouse.com looks for murders and suicides and natural deaths if you enter the address, and it will even turn up past meth labs and fires if you're worried about whether those were part of your home's past.  It costs $11.99 per search.

The website includes the Hollywood Hills house where actress Brittany Murphy died, along with a bunch of other homes where the non-famous passed away.

Just in time for Halloween!

But do you really want to know?

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