Steel Panther are back with another video for the Heavy Metal Rules standout track, "Let's Get High Tonight." This time, they threw it back to their days as the boy band named Four Pump Chumps.

We know what you're thinking: Didn't Steel Panther already release a music video for "Let's Get High Tonight?" on the stoner holiday or April 20 or was that just a hazy dream? No, you're right — they did. And in that clip, they were featured as black metal musicians, cowboys, a mariachi band, a boy band and more. But that was all just a tease.

Legend has it that the Four Pump Chumps were somehow not on the radar of Lou Pearlman, the orchestrator behind groups such as N*Sync, Backstreet Boys and O-Town who now resides in jail for running a high-profile Ponzi scheme. Unlike those groups, the Four Pump Chumps had a flair for rock within their striking pop song format, which nearly landed them a coveted meeting with Pearlman.

A boy band career never materialized and the members of the Four Pump Chumps instead turned their attention toward the formation of Steel Panther.

Watch the video below and relieve that iconic era, super sweet puffy vests and oversized sunglasses aplenty.

The clip comes following Steel Panther's "Concert to Save the World" livestream event which was held to benefit Heavenly Pets Animal Rescue and Live Nation's Crew Nation fund. The group also issued the "Butthole Burner" guitar pedal following the controversial "Pussy Melter" pedal.

Steel Panther, "Let's Get High Tonight" Music Video (Boy Band Version)

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