Just this morning, on my way to work, I encountered three stray dogs in three different locations roaming our landscape.  Two younger animals (1-2 years old) and a third pooch with more than a touch of gray around his mouth.  No collars!  No I.D.!  All three allowed me to get close enough for some well needed affection.  Spent about 10 minutes with each, then after leaving the "scene of the crime", glanced in my rear-view mirror to watch their journey continue.  Sad! 

While editorializing my comments seems appropriate for this story, I prefer to focus on the greater need of pet adoption.  Yes, the numbers are quite staggering.  But, if there is one silver lining in those overwhelming stats of abandonment, our local animal shelters has a pedigree just for you!

And you don't have to adopt.  How about volunteering a nominal one hour per month to simply take a prospective family member for a walk in the park?  Or, maybe, you can become a "foster" parent until Fido finds a permanent home?

Get involved today if you can, by calling the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter (936.633.0318) in Lufkin, or the Nacogdoches Animal Services and Adoption Center (936.560.5011).  Not a dog person?  You can't miss the "meow" in-between the "woof-woof"!