Texas is Among the Drunkest States
Sure, we might have a few drinks while watching the Cowboys or Texans, but does that really mean Texas is a drunk state?
People spend good money and valuable time figuring these things out.
And they learned that Texas likes to party.  But check out where our neighbors in Louisiana ended up.
#1 Site Trending on Twitter Wednesday was Myspace
Myspace used to be a favorite choice for social media goers, and then Facebook came along and sort of squashed it.  Some stayed with Myspace - in fact it's always been a great place for bands and musicians to connect with fans - but many jumped ship for other sites.
Myspace invaded Twitter …
Zooey Deschanel Mistakenly Connected to Boston Bombings
Imagine seeing your name on live television, as a suspect in the Boston bombings!
It happened to Zooey Deschanel, perhaps because of auto-correct. A closed-captioning sentence on a Fox affiliate last Friday said of the suspect, "He is 19-year-old Zooey Deschanel.” The suspect authorities were lo…
For Some Stars, Half of Their Twitter Followers are Fake!
In a shocking turn of events, we've learned that some of the stars with astronomical numbers of Twitter followers, may actually only have about half that many.
There are millions of fake Twitter accounts, and many of them have linked up with stars like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, boosting the number…
10 Dumb Tweets About Kurt Cobain for His Birthday
Ugh, come on people. Kurt Cobain is trending pretty hard on Twitter today, since it's his birthday, but we doubt the authenticity of some of these "fans." Here are some dumb, dumb tweets dedicated to Cobain on his birthday. (We left out the twenty gazillion tweets of the quote "Wantin…
Texas Among the Saddest States
Feeling blue today?  Blame it on Texas.
That's what a new study says, that looked over Twitter posts from us Texans, and others across the US. The study combed for negative and positive words, and added them all up to see which states had happy people, and which states had residents with em…

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