Some thieves who swiped a package off someone's doorstep got a rude awakening when they opened it up to find dog poo inside.  That actually helped police track the thieves.  Ick, and nice work!

A neighborhood in Schertz, near San Antonio was targeted by "porch pirates," or those package thieves who follow the delivery trucks around and swipe the packages off the front porch when they're dropped off.  One house decided to do something about it.

A woman's son filled a box with doggie doo-doo and set it out on the front porch. The thieves swiped it, and actually came back for more!  They must have forgotten which house had the poo in the first place.  The next day when they returned for a box that they didn't know was stuffed with ribbons and bows, the homeowner opened the door and snapped a picture just as they were making off with second box.  That picture helped police find the criminals and make the arrest.

The family dog should get some love for contributing, don't ya think?  Texans are so smart.  And resourceful.

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