It's not all about the turkey and stuffing in Texas.  It's usually on the table at Thanksgiving, but there are also some unique side dishes there that put us right up there with Washington's "Cottage Cheese Roast" for being a little weird.  

Before we go any further, I too am totally curious about the Cottage Cheese Roast.  Doesn't it sound gross and potentially awesome at the same time?  It's basically a vegetarian meatloaf, which could pleasantly surprise your vegetarian guests and let them know you love them enough to get out of your holiday comfort zone. This meat loaf is made up of cottage cheese, onion soup mix, walnuts, eggs, onion, and corn flakes, and comes out looking browned and juicy like the meaty meatloaf.  It's the most unexpected entree at Thanksgiving in Washington, and you might even be able to trick your husband and kids with it on any ole Tuesday night in Idaho.

Insider broke it down by state, and lets us know what the most unexpected foods will be Thanksgiving dinners next week.

That Cinnamon Carrot side dish on your menu will be the most unexpected Thanksgiving food served in Texas, according to Insider.  It's got carrots, onions, cinnamon, and it's that sweet-savory blend that makes adults very happy.  Will kids be on board?  Probably not.

Did anyone else grow up on that Jello salad that's more of a dessert than a side dish?  My mom made that every year, back in the day in Nebraska, and it doesn't even include actual Jello.  The gelatin powder is mixed with Cool Whip and it sets up like mousse.  If you're looking to add a vitamin, you can stir in some fresh berries before you pop it in the fridge to set, but you don't have to.  Dip a graham cracker in it and it's kinda like light, whipped cheesecake.

Some of these dishes may be a surprise to our guests, but if we get enough wine in them, they'll never know what's a little out of place. And besides, Thanksgiving is all about good food, family and friends, and as long as we love those things, the aunts and in-laws and cottage cheese loaves that tend to be a smidge odd will blend right in and make it memorable. Have fun!

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