Overall, people are leaving the East Coast, and flocking to the West.

What does that mean for Texas?

Texas is one of the balanced states, according to a new study from the moving company, United Van Lines.   We have thousands leaving the state each year, but just as many people are moving in, and the difference between in and outbound is negligible and it all balances out.

In my neighborhood there were some for sale signs in 2016, but those houses were quickly snatched up and new neighbors moved in.  I'm sure you've seen it too.  Do you think some parts of Texas are emptying out, while Houston, Austin, and Dallas are getting more crowded?  Maybe.  Clear Springs Restaurant in Nacogdoches can draw a crowd on a Friday night too.  If it's a cool place to be, folks will find out and go there, which probably means we'll keep gaining residents in East Texas overall.

Yahoo Finance says the biggest reasons people move is to be closer to family or to take a new job.  When it comes time to retire, the biggest numbers are moving to the West and South, and they're leaving crowded and cold places like New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

Texas is plenty big, and there's plenty of room here for more people to keep on comin'.  As long as they appreciate Shiner, Whataburger, and good barbecue.

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