Police don't know how they got them all, but two women from Texas are in big trouble for having hundreds of retail and gift cards that had been stolen from other customers.  The good news is, in a month or two it's going to be a lot harder for thieves to get use stolen card info.

Twenty-eight-year-old Brooke Ashley Darby and 23-year-old Charmaine Danelle Montgomery, both of Fort Worth, were caught at the Boise, ID airport after a store clerk there noticed some red flags about the cards they were trying to use and called police. Think clerks have an easy job?  Not so much.  Smart clerks have to be on top of their game, watching for weird things to jump out while we're routinely swiping cards.

Boise Police said the 424 fake gift cards and credit cards made this one of the most significant cases of retail fraud ever in the Treasure Valley.  Some of the information had been stolen from real customers, and police are piecing it all together now - how it happened and who might be affected.

New laws about credit cards are supposed to kick in this fall and make it harder for thieves to use them out of turn.  Meanwhile, keep an eye on bank statements.  And thanks perceptive clerks for catching this stuff!

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