Here we are at Memorial Day once again. Everyone is looking forward to the holiday weekend. What could be better than celebrating Memorial Day with family and friends? How about celebrating it while jamming out to the 500 greatest classic rock songs of all time?

That's exactly what's going to happen this weekend on Q107, and it all kicks off at 3:00 today!

We've teamed up with the big guys from Ross Motorsports in Lufkin, our title sponsor for the Memorial Day 500, to bring you this massive list of music. But, we also had some help from some other big names that you've heard and seen throughout East Texas. We had lots of supporting help from McWilliams and Son Heating and Air Conditioning, Kelly's Truck Parts, East Texas Pawn and Tyson Foods. All of these sponsors have come together to make sure that you get the most out of this weekend of legendary music.

Throughout this weekend, we're going to be picking through all the greatness that is classic rock. It'll kickoff during Cunningham's Corner at 3:00 this afternoon and will end at 7:00 on Monday, as Cunningham's Corner wraps up that evening. So, you've got to make sure that your listening to hear when your favorites hit the air waves. Or, if you can't get to the traditional radio, you can stream it all on the Q107 app - the download link is below, if you haven't already got it on your smart device.

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Let's go a bit farther...what do you think the #1 greatest classic rock song of all time is? Which one do you think will be at the very top of the Memorial Day 500 list? Drop your guesses in the comments below, and see if you get it right!

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