After his button-pushing jokes during the opening monologue at The Golden Globe Awards, Ricky Gervais may not be asked to host again next year.

How Gervais' performance affects his status in Hollywood remains to be seen, but one source said, "Ricky blew it big time.  It's one thing to make fun of celebrities but it's another to make them totally uncomfortable.  People in that room were furious but had to sit and smile because the cameras were on them. It really says something when several people who attended said they would have felt safer with Kathy Griffin hosting."

Gervais has confirmed he hasn't yet gotten word of an offer to come back as host for a third consecutive year.  He told the Hollywood Reporter, quote, "That's ominous, isn't it?"  So I probably won't be here next year."  If he does come back, he said, "I'll go [bleep] mental."

Personally,  I wasn't offended by his comments.  I don't think he meant any real harm.  I think he was just taking a shot at some really talented celebrities that need a jab every now and then.  I think we all need that from time to time.  But I do want to know what you think.  Leave me your comments below and I might read some of them on-air during my show.

In case you missed it, here's the now infamous monologue: