Pizza and Chinese used to be the foods to order for delivery. But something new has taken over, and you might be surprised what it is.

Restaurants still deliver plenty of food themselves, but with the popularity of apps and independent delivery services, now we can rely on someone else to go pick it up for us, and we can get just about anything that way, from spaghetti to sushi to a cheesecake.

Pizza is still popular, but in Texas, the burger is the top food that shows up at our doorsteps. (yes, that domain name is taken), says Texans use app services for cheeseburgers, New Mexico gets salads the most, and California orders seafood.  Oh, and it's cheese curds that are most popular in Wisconsin.  Will the app driver go to Wisconsin and pick some of those up for us?  If you've been on vacation to the upper Midwest, you know how addictive those things are.  With a side of cheeseburgers.

It's a big football weekend coming, and Lufkin has plenty of ways to beam in the eats.  One of those is  They'll go get food for you from places like Wingstop, Cheddars, Golden Corral, Luby's, Cotton Patch, and more.

Dining out can be fun too, but that requires getting dressed and putting on shoes and combing our hair and things. Thanks apps, for feeding our laziness.  I mean, need for convenience!

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