Since the announcement was made in 2019 that the Peking Chinese Restaurant in Nacogdoches would be moving, we've been pretty good about keeping everyone up-to-date on the progress of the new location.

If you haven't been keeping up, it is now officially open on Creek Bend Boulevard. It's a brand new building, with all new...well, everything. But, what about the original location? Last night as I was driving down North Street, I got the answer to that question. I actually turned around so that I could snap a couple of pictures.

This is what I saw:

TSM Lufkin - Mark Cunningham

What you're looking at is all that's left. Yes, that pile of rubble is all that's left of the original Peking Chinese Restaurant. The building that sat on the corner of North Street and Austin Street is no more.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited for the owners and staff as they run their new location. However, it's kind of bittersweet knowing that the original location that we all went to is gone forever.

It also brings up this question: What's next for this particular plot of land? If you drive on North Street and look at the space, this is the sign you see:

TSM Lufkin - Mark Cunningham

Now, maybe I'm looking a bit too far into it, but it does have the words "Site Prep by:" in the upper left corner. So, is it already being prepped for something else, or is that just the clearing work that's been done? As of right now, I'm not sure.

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