It's almost time to light a pumpkin spice-scented candle, draw a pumpkin spice bubble bath, rip off the mask, and stick our faces deep into a bag of pumpkin spice marshmallows. It's the stress reliever we need right now.

Starbucks announced last week that it will offer the Pumpkin Spice Latte again this year, but they didn't give us an exact date that they'll launch it.  It's usually the last week of August or the first week of September, so it can't be far off.  Since we're kind of in a lockdown fog and the calendar challenges us, they could release it tomorrow and it would be just fine.

Courtney Solstad
Courtney Solstad

My friend Courtney tracks pumpkin spice products every year because she loves them, and I rely on her to tell me what's good. She hosts pumpkin spice pot lucks every fall, and dozens of friends show up everything from pumpkin-infused rice krispie bars to pumpkin spice whipped potatoes and we sit around and tell stories next to flickering pumpkin candles. All of it makes us ask, "Well, why not?" There are crazier things to be upset about than wild pumpkin flavorings, and we're diving in headfirst. She's been a steady fan of the peanut butter.  We'll have plenty more in 2020.

Pumpkin Spice Products Coming This Fall, according to Taste of Home:

-- Kit Kats

-- Cookie Dough with Cream Cheese Chips

--  Marshmallows

-- Milano Cookies

-- Cheerios

-- Salsa

-- Waffle mix

-- Oatmeal

-- Dog treats

And this will just be the beginning.

Pumpkin spice somehow feels like a big warm, fuzzy blanket as it's going down, and that's the coziness we need during this nutty year.  2020 might be the best-selling year ever for pumpkin spice, well, everything.

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