You know it's coming.  The pumpkin spice explosion.  It usually happens around Labor Day, but one East Texas restaurant might beat everyone else by releasing the pumpkin spice latte on this August date.

McDonald's plans to let us have the Pumpkin Spice Latte at all 14,000 locations starting August 31st.  So go get your fix on South 1st, South Timberland, or Daniel McCall, or any of the other dozens of other East Texas Mickey D's a few days ahead of Labor Day.

Starbucks is another big Pumpkin Spice drink seller, and they haven't said yet when they'll start creating this year's fall flavors.  But they have announced a  Pumpkin Spice bottled Frappuccino in grocery stores.

Soon we'll be bathing in the pumpkin scented bubble bath. slathering on the body creams, lighting the candles, and even eating pumpkin spice chips.  Tolerate it guys, tolerate it. There's never too much pumpkin for us girls.  Except when it comes to the actual pumpkin out of the patch.  Those things taste kinda gross.

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