Playboy has announced the launch of a new iPad app.

We just wonder if Apple is fully okay with Hefner’s plan. The Playboy boss has "tweeted" that an “uncensored” Playboy iPad app is coming in March.  Playboy had earlier launched its iPhone app back in 2009, but it wasn’t explicit.

All the iPhone app had been offering were some sexy lingerie shots and interview excerpts, but they say the iPad app will see women strip down for a fuller view!

Apple already has in place some extremely stringent rules when it comes to nudity. However, the Hefner tweet makes us think Apple is loosening up a bit.

Of course I'm just waiting for the new iPad commercials to come out once that happens.  Here's a clip of the commercials as they appear now.  All they have to do is include the word "nudity" on the montage and they're good to go.