In this city you might find an adult bookstore next to a retail clothing store next to a skyscraper, because there are no zoning laws that would prevent those buildings from butting up against each other.  Because of that, this Texas city is at the top of the list for the worst design in America.  I bet you've been there!  

Is it really an ugly city?  Oh, internet there's no need for name-calling.  Maybe it's a plain Jane city, but we do love the barbecue, Mexican food, and the concerts at The Woodlands.  Not everyone thinks Houston is great.

Houston tops the list of the 9 Worst Designed Cities in the US because of poor planning, according to Thrillist.  Those experts say the lack of vision created too much of a patchwork quilt instead of a streamlined city with continuity.  But isn't that part of growth? Even Austin has some of those growth issues.  And Dallas-Fort Worth -- that's two separate cities surrounded by dozens of suburbs that all have their own rules and designs.  Maybe Houston isn't the only Texas mess, but it's home and we love it all.

Other poorly designed cities on the list are Orlando, FL; Missoula, MT, Boston, MA; and New Orleans, LA.  Nawlins?!  Who Dat!  Leave New Orleans alone.  They survived Katrina and we'll always have their backs.

At least Houston isn't the fattest city in America anymore.  That title belongs to Shreveport now.

The moral of the story is this -- be glad you live in Palestine!  Or Kilgore.  What's up Longview?  East Texas may not have the most people or the Cowboys or Texans, but it's a pretty great place to be.

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