The traditional Thanksgiving dinner might look a little different in Texas than it does in another state that doesn't seem to have quite the same appreciation for chorizo and chiles.  If you're looking to put a little more Texas into your Thanksgiving spread, these recipes will serve as your inspiration.

Texans can sneak a chile into anything, and Thanksgiving dinner is no exception.  And since we need the ovens for all the sides, we're likely to slap the turkey on the smoker or dip it into the fryer in the back yard on Thanksgiving Day instead of taking up the kitchen space.  Smoker smell is Thanksgiving cologne for all of East Texas.

Wide Open Country has some thoughts on Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes Texanized, and here are a few of the best.

Smoked Turkey -  Some stores sell great smoked turkeys this time of year and buying one of those sure makes Thanksgiving Day a whole lot easier.  Or, if you've got a smoker, toss in some hickory or mesquite chips and let the bird get cozy in there for several hours.  Yum.

Chorizo Cornbread Stuffing -  It's exactly what it sounds like -- sausage and cornbread.  Think of the leftover possibilities!  You can add it to queso, eggs or pretty much anything. The leftovers might even be better than the first draft on Thanksgiving Day.

Chipotle Bacon Mac and Cheese -  Mac and Cheese is usually a staple at the kiddie table on Thanksgiving Day, but with this version the adults might be fighting for their share.  The bacon adds some salt and fat and the chipotle peppers and that hidden cotija cheese spice it up.

Cinnamon Whiskey Pecan Pie -- This really needs no explanation.  Pecan pie doesn't need an upgrade, but imagine it with a huge scoop of Bluebell Homemade Vanilla ice cream on top. We won't even care if we're stuffed from the meal before, it will be so good. There won't be any leftovers, so hide a piece somewhere in the house for round two later in the day.  Yum city.

Calabacitas Con Queso and Green Chiles - Why have a totally healthy vegetable dish when you can smother it with cheese?  This is basically squash and corn, infused with green chiles and queso.  It sounds like it might be best consumed with chips!  Texans can always work those in too.

Although the traditional stuff has it's place, Thanksgiving dinner doesn't have to include that green bean casserole with the crispy french fried onions, or plain ole mashed potatoes.  Texans are great at spicing things up, and chasing meals with booze-infused pie.  This will be a happy Thanksgiving for sure!

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