It's a known fact that if The Weather Channel sends Jim Cantore to your area, it's going to be bad. Jim is known for being the biggest storm chaser there is. Wherever the absolute worst weather event is, that's where you'll find Jim Cantore.

However, it's never a comforting feeling when The Weather Channel sends ANY of their veteran reporters to your area. As we get closer to the time that Hurricane Laura is supposed to make it's way through Deep East Texas, we are all keeping an eye on news outlets like the Weather Channel to stay up-to-date on the latest info.

Well, I was clicking through Facebook, and came across a post from The Weather Channel Facebook page that showed where all of their reporters are located right now. This is the post:

The Weather Channel has multiple teams LIVE as #Laura approaches.

We'll be shifting these locations as this hurricane inches closer.

Posted by The Weather Channel on Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Yes, that map does indeed have Nacogdoches on it. And, the reporter that's located in Nacogdoches? Mike Seidel.

I had seen Facebook posts earlier today about people seeing The Weather Channel in and around Nacogdoches, but when I saw that post from the organization itself, it became real.

As we continue to watch Hurricane Laura approach we'll be keeping you updated. Be sure that you have our app downloaded and the notifications turned on so that you will receive them as we send them out.

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