With Valentine's Day coming up on Wednesday, the steakhouses will be packed.  We want to know what the best steakhouse is in East Texas, based on the food, the drinks, and the overall atmosphere.  Vote here!

Texas is the largest beef exporter in the country, and we enjoy a whole lot of it here too in restaurants and in the back yard on the grill.  Steaks are a part of celebrations a lot of the time, whether it's to high five yourself for a big promotion, honor an anniversary, or propose on Valentine's Day.  No pressure guys, no pressure.  But steaks and diamonds do pair well.

BestThingsTX posted the 10 Best Steakhouses in Texas, and it included mostly hot spots in the bigger metro areas.  Places like Knife in Dallas, Cattleman's in Fort Worth, Brenner's in Houston, and Bohannon's in San Antonio made the list.  Oh, and Saltgrass!  Saltgrass Steakhouse came in at #9, and it's also a 2017 Certificate of Excellence award recipient from TripAdvisor, and a Reader's Choice for the Focus Daily News and Living Magazine.

Vote here for your favorite steakhouse around East Texas, based on how much you love the food, the atmosphere, and the service.

And if you're going out for steaks on Valentine's Day get there early or make a reservation if you can because the wait times will be longer than usual.  And with Fat Tuesday tomorrow, it's a big week for going out to dinner.

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