Oh, this sounds like fun...well, for some of us.

Looking for an East Texas road trip that offers something a bit out of the ordinary? Are you fascinated by tales and ponderings regarding the supernatural?

We found just the thing for you close to home in Palestine, Texas coming up on July 30.

For just $89 per person, you can join this brave group as they engage in an all-night investigation of what many consider to be one of the most haunted places in East Texas--the historic Bowers Mansion in Palestine.

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Hosted by Haunted Rooms America, you and other courageous souls will spend the evening hours delving into the compelling history of this 140-year-old house.

Photo: Haunted Rooms America
Photo: Haunted Rooms America

If you've ever seen this place, you'll likely agree the Bowers Mansion is stunning to behold and is well-known as one of Palestine's most gorgeous historic houses. However, what you may not know is that this home harbors a dark past.

It was apparently the "scene of a murder-suicide back in the ’50s, and there’ve been numerous suspicious deaths in the home over the years," according to the paranormal experts at Haunted Rooms America. And until fairly recently, no other paranormal group has had the opportunity to investigate.

Are these spiritual presences here that may seek to may contact when the paranormal team from Haunted Rooms America attempt to reach out?

Would you like to join them in this supernatural endeavor?

If you go, you'll also learn some of the most basic techniques the paranormal teams use in their investigations.

Ready to buy your tickets for the July 30 event? Do that here.

And uh, let us know how it went upon your return. You're a brave soul, aren't you?

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