Halloween is not far off, and October will be a great time to discover some new "haunts."

One haunted spot not far from Lufkin is in a section of a former nursing home. Another haunted space is on the SFA campus.  And apparently, a ghost named Chester hangs out at one building in Nacogdoches.

A small residential space in Diboll used to be part of a nursing home before it was converted to a one-story house, and Hauntedplaces.org says a resident there used to see something shadowy running through the halls at night.  Whatever it is also attacked the resident one evening.

The haunted places website also says Stephen F. Austin has two spots on campus that are haunted - Mays Hall 11 and Griffith Hall.  There are conflicting reports about whether Mays Hall 11 ever had a morgue in the basement, but some say it was true, and that the building also served as a bomb shelter in the 1940's and there's an "eerie, negative feeling" there.  That could be from SFA students who are getting bad grades too.  As for Griffith Hall, a female student reportedly jumped out of a third floor window after playing with a Ouija board, and her ghost makes the lights flicker and haunts the floor.

And a ghost is said to haunt Turner Auditorium in Nacogdoches too..  A man killed himself after problems with the theater construction, and his ghost reportedly appeared during a production of Hamlet in the 1960s, and there are still cold spots and eerie feelings in the building.

The Killough Monument in Bullard is another haunted spot, stemming from the Killough Massacre in the 1800s.  Many of those apparitions have stuck around and visitors have reported strange encounters with them.

And at the Beckham Hotel in Mineola, the ghost of a woman who fell to her death is sometimes seen with a parasol on the stairs, usually on Mondays at 3am.  The ghost of a 10-year old girl also appears sometimes, along with a man who either committed suicide or was killed in the 1930s during a poker game.

Know of other haunted spots?  We'd love to hear your stories.

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