The packages you ordered online are on their way to you, and the thieves know that.  "Porch pirates" are those unsavory types who follow delivery trucks through neighborhoods and swipe the packages they leave on your porch.

Here's what you can do to protect yourself.

Does the idea that someone might swipe the package off of your doorstep stop you from shopping online?  It stops some, but not the majority of us.  We'll take the risk for a good sale.

KVUE in Austin says 42 percent of users of the Next Door neighborhood app say they've had a package stolen. Sixty-one percent said they didn't have a package delivered to their home because they were worried about someone taking it.

I have so many questions for the thieves.  Do you swipe every box you can get your hands on, or just the ones with a return label from jewelry and electronics stores, and other stores sell pricey things?  I mean, what if you end up with coffee beans or hand soaps?  That doesn't seem like it's worth risking jail time. Do you re -sell the items you steal, or do you have a house full of Echo Dots? Does the size small paisley print tunic fit ya?

Here are some things you can do to protect yourself from the porch pirates:

--Have packages delivered to a friend's house

--Pick it up at the store if that's an option

--Make sure someone is home all day to watch for packages

--Have neighbors keep an eye out for the unsavory types

--Roll some security cameras

This is a fun time of year, and we're not gonna let a few scrooges ruin our joy. Shop away!  Just be smart.  And thank you stores, for letting us track packages and know when to expect them.  That helps us get to them first.

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