Parents have all sorts of tricks for pulling their kids' teeth.  My dad tied a string to my tooth when I was 7, and tied the other end of the string to a chair and then tipped the chair over to yank the tooth out. It worked.  This sling bow trick one-ups my dad's chair for sure.  How creative!  Watch this.

Alexis Davidson is going viral on Youtube with this slick tooth-shooting move.  And you'll notice that rather than be involved in the tooth-pulling, her dad is there to video tape it and offer words of encouragement as she lets fires the shot.  He's got the easy job.  And he puts the video on Slo-Mo!  There's no mistaking that's a tooth coming out of her mouth.

Greatest dad ever?  Or "Ewwwww!"  Either way the Tooth Fairy has been summoned.

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