At the very beginning of this year, WAAAYYY back in January, I wrote a post that was focused on things that need to stop in 2017. If you want to read up on that post, you can click here. Now that we are halfway through 2017, it seems that that list needs to be updated. When I said that some things needed to stop, I didn't mean that some new goofy things needed to take their place...

  • FBE, YouTube
    FBE, YouTube

    Fidget Spinners

    This latest fad needs to go away...NOW. And I'm not talking about it fading away slowly. I'm talking about: MAKE IT STOP IMMEDIATELY. It seems like every store has a fidget spinner section. There are even people making fidget spinner cookies. Stop. Just Stop.

  • loading...

    Rompers For Men (A.K.A. "Romphims")

    There is so much no in this one. Onesies for guys should not be a thing. The fact that someone came up with the idea hurts. Again...STOP.

  • Sony

    Spiderman Movies

    I'm actually looking forward to the movie, "Spiderman: Homecoming" but can this be the last one, please? There have already been too, they don't compare to the Avengers movies, so why try?

  • Instagram

    Snapchat Filters

    Just take a picture. A regular picture. No flower crowns. No puppy dog nose and ears on a human body. No voice changer on your videos. Definitely not one of Snapchat's more endearing features, in my opinion.

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