Every year, people make huge plans for July 4th. Fireworks shows, massive get-togethers, and other plans are made by millions of Americans. But this year, we are somewhat limited in our Independence Day options.

COVID-19 has really changed the way that we've looked at social gatherings for Independence Day. It seems that many people - at least from what I've seen on Facebook - will not be holding their usual July 4th gatherings. Others that I've seen are planning to keep their 4th as normal as it always was.

My question now is: What do your July 4th plans look like this year?

Will you be attending a fireworks show somewhere? There are still a few places that I've seen that will still be holding a regular show. Many of them are requiring you to practice social distancing, but they are still holding a big show.

Are you planning a day out on the lake? From what I've seen, our local lake-area parks are still allowing people to go boating, swimming, etc. Lake days are always a great time for me, so that would be my choice.

Are you planning a cook-out with family and friends? July 4th always seems to draw out the hidden BBQ chef in people. And, why not? It's a great time to fire up the pit.

Or, are you planning a quiet Saturday at home for the day? I'm not going to lie, this kind of July 4th happens fairly often at our house, and that's WITHOUT a pandemic going on. Nothing wrong with chilling at the casa, right?

What are your plans? Are they any of the ones mentioned above? Or, none of the ones mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below!

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