Every year since 1974, Texans and Americans have participated in an annual 'March for Life' in an effort to make a stand against abortion. Due to Covid-19, the 'March' looked a bit different last week. In an effort to keep people safe in the midst of a pandemic, the organizers opted to make the 2021 'March for Life' a virtual one.

The group's mission is stated on their website as follows: "We promote the beauty and dignity of every human life by working to end abortion—uniting, educating, and mobilizing pro-life people in the public square."

Also stated is a vision for the future in which "the beauty and dignity of every human life [is] valued and protected.' 

Thus, I think that making this year's march virtual was the right decision and the best way to protect the lives of many in the midst of the pandemic.

It also got me thinking about what it means to be "pro-life." This is not a discussion about abortion. Goodness knows there are robust, heartfelt views on this issue and that is not the intention of this post.

Rather, in addition to seeking to protect the lives of the unborn, what other ways could one seek to value and protect "the beauty and dignity of every human life?"

Here are some of the ideas that have been put forth about what it might mean to be pro-life, too: 

Seeking to protect women and the more vulnerable. Would it be considered pro-life to do more to provide basic healthcare for our more vulnerable citizens? What about adequate maternity or paternity leave so that parents can more easily spend time with those precious little ones?

In times of economic hardship, does it make sense to make sure that kids in less fortunate circumstances have access to early childhood services? Might that promote a brighter future (better life) for these kids?

How might we take better care of our elderly who don't have the blessing of a loving family to look after them?

What about our water supply? Most of the human body is made of water, particular percentages vary depending on various factors. So it might make sense to do all we can to keep our water clean and safe so we don't cause harm to children and people, generally.

Noble stewardship of the planet and its many living creatures? It's hard to fathom that so many of the unique species on this planet have either disappeared or become quite endangered. Although some are skeptical, scientists have become more and more adamant that climate change is responsible for many deaths and great economic loss.

And back to the beginning: Seeking to protect our children. Of course. Always. Including after they're born. A recent study indicates that thousands of children and teens are killed every year by guns, 61% of those due to assault. What about stricter laws in place for domestic abuse?

Some have even suggested that we only use the death penalty in the worst possible cases, Especially since we know that some have been put to death unfairly--after the fact.

Of course when we think of pro-life, the first thought is of the unborn. Whatever one's views on when life begins and the right and moral way to approach such a tender subject, it may be worth considering how else we can take steps to be champions of life--even past birth

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