Well, here we are, day four of Spring Break.

We started out the week with checking out the local parks. Pecan Acres, Pioneer Park, or other, just find a park outdoors. We followed that with locating the local bike trails - no shortage of those in Nac. Then, yesterday, we decided to look into the local escape rooms.

So, where does that leave us today?

Well, today is about finding the local cuisine. And basically, if it's a nation-wide chain, it doesn't count. I'm talking about finding local food, from local owners.

If you're wanting to eat outside, you may want to hit up one of the local food trucks. Food trucks like Brendyn's BBQ can be found around Nacogdoches, and they won't disappoint. Or, if you want to wait until this evening, you could even catch Shali's Indian Kitchen On Wheels when they'll be set up at Fredonia Brewery for the weekly event, Trivia Night. This way, you can get dinner and an event at the same time!

However, if you're looking for an eat-in restaurant, there's no shortage of those, either.

If steak is your choice, you could make your way to the Republic Steakhouse in the Fredonia Hotel. But that's not the only choice in the Fredonia. There's also the 1st City Cafe.

If a burger is what you prefer, there are places like Butcher Boys, CC's Smokehouse, or NacBurger.

And then, there are other Nac restaurants, such as Clear Springs and Maklemore's, which cover all different types of foods, or Auntie Pasta's, for Italian food.

Those aren't all of the restaurants in Nacogdoches, but that'll be a good start for you to look into, and make plans to check out the others at another time.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for plans for the final day of Spring Break!

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