Chorizo isn't just for Taquitos anymore.

Whataburger just introduced the new Chorizo Burger this week, and it's got two patties and a creamy chili sauce to put the Mex right into your Tex-Mex burger cravings.  Have you tried it?

With the new offering, Whataburger says it's responding to burger fans who wanted more spicy Mexican sausage in the patties and that's how the newest creation came to be.

The company said on Twitter this week that the new Chorizo Burger is made with chorizo, 2 beef patties, 2 slices of Monterey jack cheese, fire roasted veggies & their Creamy Chili Sauce, and it just popped up on the menu on Monday.  It won't be around forever since it's one of those limited time only deals, but if we Texans gobble it up and increase demand, that limited offering may stretch on for awhile.

Whataburger is also bringing back the Chorizo Taquito, and that's a soft flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, chorizo and one slice of American cheese.  That sounds simple enough, like we might be able to crank that out at home, but these things tend to taste better coming out of yellow crinkley tissue paper surrounded by orange.

What do you think about this sudden chorizo explosion?  Apparently, chorizo is the meat of fall, and we just need a pumpkin spice latte to make the most of the season.  Or a pumpkin ale perhaps.

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