With at least one of its locations under water after Harvey, Whataburger has pledged not only to help its employees but all Texans impacted by the floods.   

The company says its Whataburger Family Foundation is set up to help employees when they hit unforeseen financial hardships anytime, with necessities like clothing, food, medical bills and monetary assistance.  And with Harvey, wow, do they need it.

So Whataburger has tossed $1 million into that foundation to help its employees get back on their feet, and they're also donating another $500,000 to Texas food banks that are already plugged in with distribution networks around the Texas Gulf Coast.  And Whataburger is giving another $150,000 to the Red Cross, and setting up Family Member Support Centers in Corpus Christi and Houston.

The massive floodwaters did some damage at restaurant locations along the Gulf Coast, and spoiled some food and washed away ingredients.  Whataburger says it's been working around the clock this week to deliver fresh ingredients back to the locations that were impacted, and get the restaurants up and running at full speed soon.

The people who work there are more important than the burgers and fries, but still!  It will be nice to have everything running smoothly again, and to have life get back to normal for these Texans.

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