As long as I can remember, Terrific Teachers' Treasures was a thing in Nacogdoches. Being the son of a teacher, we spent a lot of time in that store on North Street looking for pencils, erasers, posters, borders, and just about any other school supplies that were needed to prep a classroom.

Then, a while back, it shut down.

It was hard knowing that Terrific Teachers was no longer going to be open in Nac. Over time - as we always do - we got used to seeing the vacant building there. Eventually, a realty sale sign went up in front of it. To my knowledge, no one has bought it yet.

Now, it's time to talk about it.

What's next for the store? Does anyone have any ideas for it? If you have no idea where this vacant building is, it sits on the corner of Creek Bend Boulevard and North Street, between Dirt Cheap and Hobby Lobby. This is the most recent picture from Google Maps:

Google Maps
Google Maps

Even this most recent picture - from December 2018 - still shows the Terrific Teachers' Treasures sign out in front.

But what could be next for this building? It's in a pretty good location, and it's a decent-sized building. It would just take someone with a little vision to bring it to life again. Hey, I suppose they could even reopen it as a teacher supply store again!

But these are all just thoughts. What I know is that it's kind of sad to see it just sitting vacant like it is now. What are your thoughts? What's next for the building that was once Terrific Teachers' Treasures?

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