This story will make you go "batty".

The City of Lufkin Animal Control has confirmed that a bat discovered inside an area home had rabies.

How the uninvited intruder managed to get inside the premises is anyone's guess, but the owners didn't panic, and captured the dangerous critter in a hat, before calling out the pros to handle the problem.

The rabies disease affects the central nervous system, and for humans diagnosed with such, a series of painful injections is typically the anecdote of record.

Angelina County requires all bites by a domestic animal, in addition to being bitten or scratched by a wild animal, to be reported at once to a healthcare provider for an assessment of rabies.

I know you may feel compelled to pet that raccoon, aardvark, or possum that crosses the front lawn at midnight, but doing so may find you on the receiving end of a syringe.

Experts say that wild animals acting irrationally, such as approaching humans, is likely to be ill or injured, and may lash out in self-defense.

What a harrowing experience it must be, to walk into your home, and be greeted by Fido, and "Dracula".